Our company



As a two tourism professional initiative, born the idea of ​​designing a tour with a high standard of service and quality, always with accredited Brazilian Ministry of Tourism guides. The Buzios Total City Tour starts to perform in 2012 , having since been a constant and stable development , and has established itself in the market for existing land tours in Buzios, the most complete that can be performed within the Peninsula .

Emprendors and owners of the company are professionals with vast experience for several years in tourism area. We have a Technical Staff acreditted by EMBRATUR enabled by bilingual guides .

In a time when tourism businesses in the region are concerned with large numbers of customers, we prioritize quality and service have achieved substantial content, which every tourist deserves.

The seriousness , commitment to the profession, and the highest satisfaction of our tourists are we aspire.

Patricia Andrea Barreto - Ramiro Hernán Díaz - EMBRATUR Guides